3 Fitness Tips You Wish Someone Had Told You Before You Started Exercising

3 Fitness Tips

1.Setting Excite Goals Makes a Difference

Make sure you set Excite Goal, solid goals that principles.

They should be like this

  • Specific - goals should have a specific achievement that marks when you have reached them.
  • Measurable - the level of gain/loss should be quantifiable so you know when it has been achieved.
  • Attainable - develop goals that are actually attainable with hard work and dedication.
  • Relevant - choose an activity to focus on that moves you closer to your priorities.   
  • Time-bound- You could go on forever if you don't set a specific length of time in which you want to achieve each goal in your fitness plan. 

2. Keeping Motivation Strong economy

set your social media motivate your fitness pho ,friend,news,youtube ,facebook, instagram 

see motivate every place

Even if you are super motivated to get started with a new fitness routine, there will be days you simply don't want to workout. On those days you will need to dig deep, remind yourself why you are doing this, and drag yourself to the gym. It takes up to three months to develop a habit, but only a few days of ignoring it to fall off the wagon. 


3.Tell yourself morning and night choose 1 Weight Loss Fitness Affirmations

  1. Every day, in every way, I am becoming a better me.
  2. I am discovering delicious new foods that make me healthier.
  3. Achieving my weight loss goal becomes easier every day.
  4. I am grateful to have a body capable of exercising.
  5. I am proud of myself for choosing a healthier lifestyle.
  6. I am surrounded by people who encourage and support me.
  7. After a hard workout I feel incredibly proud of my accomplishment.
  8. I am always focused on feeling good about myself.

just do this for your brain . 

this thing will make you stay good healthy and happy to fitness.

hope you enjoy . many people do this get result